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About us

EURO line d.o.o. is a private company, founded in 2009. as repair shop, which over the course of the business paid a lot of attention to company’s development. The company founder is Mr. Salih Šišić.

Main activities of the company are transport in domestic and international traffic, rent a car, insurance, registration of the vehicle, domestic and international transport of goods.
Due to successful business policy, Company EURO line d.o.o. market success is confirmed by a broad list of satisfied customers.

The business policy of the company is:

  • meeting all requirements of clients from the business area
  • providing the highest possible level of support to end users and customers;
  • employment and education of the best people for business;
  • operation at the highest ethical principles;
  • honesty and integrity in each business contact to the highest possible level;
  • communication with end users, customers, other business partners and employees in a same responsible way as they would like them to relate to the company.


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